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Murderous Thespian Productions is the partnership between Coolchan and Jenifulu (Toki and Jen). This partnership began with Call Back, a BL comic idea that Jen had when she was 14, but never acted on until a year later. When mentioning this idea to her best friend, Toki, Toki liked it, and wanted to know if she could to the art, and Jen said yes. Not more than a month later, Jen asked Toki if she could take her story Boyfriend, and do the art for it, and it ran for a little under half a year before Jen gave in and simply didn't want to draw it anymore. This comic has hence been discontinued and deleted. Another idea came to Jen shortly after Call Backs small bit of popularity. This was Bloody Pages. She was planning to do the art herself, but was afraid that the same thing that happened to Boyfriend, would happen to Bloody Pages, so she approached her trusted partner from Call Back. Toki now does the art for Bloody Pages and Call Back, while the original concept, character designs, and story are fathomed by Jen. Look forward to future projects from MTP!

Murderous Thesbian Productions