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Just a note: The reason they have uniforms is NOT because they live in Japan. ^^' It's because they go to a private school and thus, they have uniforms. Yes, there are American schools that require them. XD
Another note: I'm slowly redoing these, hence the massive style change between some of them.

Name: TJ Nord
Unique Traits: He always has the light tone for his hair, which is actually orange. Plus, his hair style is obviously unique.
Personality: TJ is your average molestable uke. Honestly, he suspects himself to be gay, but its not entirely sure of his own sexuality yet. These unsure feelings will begin to fade as the story goes on. Though he puts on a happy face, there are some things in his past that would challenge him to look otherwise. What could be so troubling, and how can Richard help?

Name: Richard Fally
Unique Traits: He's the dark tone for his hair, which is black.
Personality: Richard is a kind and caring seme. Having parents who loved theater influenced him to have an interest in it. Made fun of for coming out of the closet in 7th grade, a fairly early time to do so, he had few friends. The only one that stuck with him through his outing was Adam.

Name: Adam Forester
Unique Traits: His cap and his freckles. ...I really like freckles, they're cuuute. *brick'd*
Personality: Adam is the only friend Richard has left from before he came out. Adams views on homosexuals are not like many other teenage boys. He never saw a point in making fun of his best friend just because he didn't like girls. He supports Richard and TJ in their relationship.

Name: Stephanie Gold
Unique Traits: She always has her hair pulled back in a pony tail at the back of her head.
Personality: She's a theater girl and so, is usually cast as the heroine in most productions. She's a cheerful person and pretty easy-going to boot. Though we've yet to see her reaction to our main couple.

Name: Keith Webb
Unique Traits: He's constantly wearing his hat, and if he's not in school, he's probably got a cig hanging out his mouth.
Personality: Keith is your common high school stoner. He only goes to school cuz his parents make him and he's been smoking pot and drinking since middle school. He doesn't do much extra for school except when he knows it'll get him sex from his girlfriend.

Name: Karen Jenson
Unique Traits: She's the only character to wear glasses and she's also fond of side ponytails.
Personality: Friendly, nosey, and a little perverted, Karen is TJ's best friend. She's your normal description of fangirl. She doesn't get along with Richard very well, but has a distant crush on Adam.